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Small Block Chevy 350 Dual Plane Air Gap Intake Manifold

Short Description:

The crosswind manifold is a high performance dual plane. The unique design isolates the plenum from the heat generated by the engine, which will give the engine a cooler air-fuel mixture and make more horsepower.

The RPM range is 1500-6500.

Fits 1957-1986 heads and includes adapters for use on 1987-1995 small block heads.

  • Part Number: 400040
  • Name: High Performance Intake Manifold
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Surface: Satin / Black / Polished
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    In a direct injection engine, the intake manifold's main job is to equally deliver air or the combustion mixture to each cylinder head's intake port (s). To maximize the engine's performance and efficiency, an even distribution is crucial.

    An inlet manifold, also known as an intake manifold, is a component of an engine that provides the fuel/air mixture to the cylinders.

    An exhaust manifold, on the other hand, gathers exhaust gases from several cylinders into fewer pipes, sometimes only one.

    The intake manifold's principal role is to equally distribute the combustion mixture or merely air to each intake port in the cylinder head in a direct injection engine (s). Even distribution is essential for optimizing engine efficiency and performance.

    Every vehicle with an internal combustion engine has an intake manifold, which plays a crucial role in the combustion process.

    The intake manifold allows the internal combustion engine, which is intended to run on three timed components, air mixed fuel, spark, and combustion, to breathe. The intake manifold, which is composed of a series of tubes, ensures that the air entering the engine is delivered evenly to all of the cylinders. This air is required during the initial stroke of the combustion process.

    The intake manifold also assists in cylinder cooling, keeping the engine from overheating. The manifold directs coolant to the cylinder heads, where it absorbs heat and decreases engine temperature.

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  • Part Number:400040

    Name:High Performance Intake Manifold

    Product Type:Intake Manifold

    Material: Aluminum

    Surface: Satin / Black / Polished

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