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HONDA Harmonic Balancer HONDA 1.7L

Short Description:

To effectively absorb engine vibration, this straight replacement harmonic balancer has a rubber bond that is stress-resistant.

For enhanced longevity, strict requirements assist to achieve exceptional tensile and impact strength.

  • Part Number: 600092
  • Make: HONDA
  • OE Number: 13810PLMA01
  • Application Summary: Honda Civic 2001-2005
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    This harmonic balancer assembly is the perfect replacement since it perfectly matches the fit and functionality of the original harmonic balancer for a straight replacement.

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  • Part Number:600092

    Name:Harmonic Balancer

    Product Type:Engine Harmonic Balancer

    Timing Marks: Yes

    Drive Belt Type::Serpentine

    HONDA: 13810PLMA01

    2001 Honda Civic L4 1.7L 1668cc

    2002 Honda Civic L4 1.7L 1700cc

    2003 Honda Civic L4 1.7L 1700cc

    2004 Honda Civic L4 1.7L 1700cc

    2005 Honda Civic L4 1.7L 1668cc

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