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Mopar Chrysler SB 318 340 360 7.25″ SFI Harmonic Balancer Damper

Short Description:

Mopar Chrysler SB 318 340 360 7.25″ SFI Harmonic Balancer Damper

  • Part Num ber: 100102
  • Name: High Performance Harmonic Balancer
  • Product Type: Engine Harmonic Balancer
  • Material: Steel
  • Timing Marks: Yes
  • Drive Belt Type: Serpentine
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    Features and specs include:
    Meet SFI Specification 18.1
    Eliminates torsional crankshaft vibrations
    Precision CNC-machined
    Ideal for street/race applications
    Externally balanced dampers include removable counterweights
    Available in black with laser-etched timing marks
    The High Performance Harmonic Balancers feature a bonding process which adheres the elastomer to the inner diameter of the inertia ring and the outer diameter of the hub, utilizing a strong adhesive along with an improved elastomer to create a much stronger bond. They also feature clear timing marks against a painted black surface. The steel inertia ring rotates harmonically with the engine and absorbs the torsion vibration from the rotating assembly at any frequency and RPM. It extends the life of crankshaft which allows the engine to produce more power and torque.
    The High Performance Harmonic Balancers are made in steel, and are suitable for racing applications.
    Unlike most OEM dampers, the hub and ring are splined to prevent radial movement of the outer ring.
    With the combination of top-quality and affordability, these dampers really raise the bar in the high performance industry.

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    • Part Num ber:100102
    • Name:High Performance Harmonic Balancer
    • Product Type:Engine Harmonic Balancer
    • Material:Steel
    • Timing Marks:Yes
    • Drive Belt Type:Serpentine
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